Motivational Quote Animation

For this project, you will make two versions of the same motivational quote.

I want you to create two different designs and animations using the same words for each project

Getting Started

  • Open Adobe Spark
  • Click on the blue plus sign on the top left of the page
  • Select the View all option
  • The top of your screen should look like the image below
  • Click on the Graphics tab
  • Search for a template!
  • (I ended up changing the theme)

Adding Text

  • Click on the black add + sign on the top right
  • Click on Text
  • You can choose a template that they have or you can start from scratch
  • Once you find one you like, click on it
  • Make sure to double click on the text to make changes
  • You can adjust the font, size, and colors
  • If you are using multiple text boxes, make sure to adjust the order (bottom slider on the text tab) to control what box appears first

Animation Time!!!

  • Click off of the page (the grey or white area around your document. This process should bring up the Animation tab

Altering the Size, Layout, and Design

  • At any point during your process, you can alter the size of the page, the overall layout, and the design itself

Saving Your File

  • When you have completed the assignment, make sure to rename your file with your own name in the title
  • Download your file as an MP4 video
  • Save