Intro to Adobe Spark

Accessing Your Account

  • Go to
  • Click on the Log In’button (it’s on the top right next to the blue button)
  • Make sure to select the Log in with school account option
  • Make sure to select ‘Company or School Account’
  • Sign in with your CPS username and password

Selecting a Template

  • This is what your homescreen should look like
  • Scroll down to ‘templates’ and click on Explore more templates
  • For the first project, the whole class will use the same template. Please follow along with the instructions in the video to find graphic design ‘Traditional Japanese Design Motifs’ template


  • For the tutorial, I will using a different template. I’m doing this so you’re not copying each step to reflect the exact adjustments that I’ll make. I want you to be as free as possible for your first project!
  • Once you have found a template you want to edit, click on it
  • Your screen should be similar to the image below

Renaming the File

  • Next, we are going to rename the file. You can rename it anything you want
  • Click on the pencil icon next to the words My Post (this is located on the top bar)
  • Rename the file

Changing the Text, Font, Size, and Rotation

  • To change the text, double click on the word
  • Type the new word(s) that you want to use
  • Press the blue ‘Done’ button
  • To change the font family, click on the dropdown menu and find a font that you like (make sure to have the text box selected that you want to change)
  • You can also change the size and rotation

Adjusting the Colors

  • Locate the Color palette icon on the righthand side
  • Select a color that you want to use (I strongly recommend using the suggested colors that are preloaded with the template theme)

Changing the Shape Behind the Text

  • Click the Shape icon on the righthand side
  • You can use this option to add a shape behind the text

Text Effects

  • If you want to add a text effect, click in the Effect icon on the righthand side
  • Scroll through the options and select the one that works best for your poster idea


Beware of the style option! It is a wonderful tool if you are feeling stuck and need a starting point. It is not so wonderful if you’ve spent a lot of time and on your project and didn’t want to change everything. Keep in mind, you can always undo things by pressing the undo icon on the top bar.


Adjusting the Photo

  • Click on the photo
  • You can adjust the scale, rotation, flip it, and/or move the photo more freely throughout the page

Adding a Filter to the Photo

  • Interested in altering the appearance of the photo?
  • Click on the Filters icon on the righthand side


Changing and Adding Icons/Graphics

  • Click on a graphic on your poster template
  • You can change the opacity, rotation, and color
  • You can also create copies (and delete)
  • Interested in adding a new icon? Click the + button above the Icon star

Saving Your File

  • Click on the Download button on the top right and select png or jpg. Then press the blue Start Download option
  • Upload this file to the Google Classroom assignment