Adobe Spark Video ‘About You’ Project

Project Requirements

  • The whole video should be between 30-45 seconds
  • You will need to have at least 7 different slides in the video
  • You will need to use a minimum of 7 photos/videos (the combination is up to you)
  • You MUST include a voiceover with your name and photo (you can have other people in the photo). At least one photo of yourself should be relatively current.
  • You will need to include at least one video in the slideshow (it’s ok if you did not take the video)
  • You will need to add text
  • Adding icons are 100% optional


  • Have your files easily accessible. I recommend placing all files inside of a folder on Google Drive.
  • Adobe Spark does not support all file types. For example, if you took photos from an iPhone, the file format most likely is heic. You will need to either take a screenshot of the photo to use with Spark, or you will need to convert the files. For any issues, please refer to this article
  • You can use this link to convert your files:
  • Click here and here for heic to jpg file converters

Getting Started

  • Open Adobe Spark
  •  Select ‘Slideshow’ from the home screen
  • Add a title (this should have your name in it)
  • Select a template (you can choose any one)

Choose a Theme

  • Locate the Theme tab on the top right
  • You can preview each theme by clicking on it. You can also click on the colors to change the palettes
  • You can change your theme at any point as you are making your project

Recording Your Voice

Part of the requirement is to record yourself saying your name. Feel free to add additional commentary throughout the video.

  • Locate the red microphone icon
  • Click on it
  • Press and hold as you talk. When you are done talking, you can let go

Adding Text

  • Click on a slide
  • Click on the Text icon
  • Type your text
  • If you want to change the size, follow the steps in the video below
  • Adjusting the Layout
  • To adjust the layout for text, photo, video, or icons, click on the Layout tab on the top right
  • Select the layout that you prefer

Resizing an Image

  • Need to resize the photo? No problem! Follow the steps in the video below

Adjusting Time

  • Pay attention to how long each slide is on the screen for. You can manually adjust the time for each slide by following the steps in the video below. Make sure that there is enough time on each slide to look at the photo and to read any text that you’ve added.

Changing the Music

  • Locate the Music tab on the top right
  • On this tab, you can change the music as well as the volume for the whole video (unfortunately, Spark does not allow you to have multiple songs within a slideshow)

Sharing Your Video

  • Locate the Share option on the top middle bar
  • Click Publish from the dropdown menu
  • Type in the title (Your name should be included in the title)
  • You do not have to assign it a category
  • Click Create Link at the bottom
  • Copy the link and add it to Google Classroom