Adobe Express Website

Use this link for website inspiration.

Watch the video for an overview the tutorial

  • Use your cps email and log into Adobe Express
  • Click on the Webpage option (press the plus sign on the left to expand the menu)
    • webpage
  • Click on Add a title
  • Type a name for your website
  • The next step is adding a photo that will appear behind the title text. This part is 100% optional.

Adding a Text Section

  • Click on the + sign and select Text
  • Add a few sentences about the site. You can keep it super simple and write that you’re in a digital media class.

Select a Theme

  • Now that we have a few things up, click on the Theme option located in the top right corner
  • Click on each one and find a theme that works best for you. You can test them out by locating the Preview option located on the top center of the page.

Photo Grid

  • To add a photo grid, click on the + sign and select Photo Grid
  • Next, you’ll be prompted to add a photo
  • I recommend having at least three images for your grid (two is ok!)
  • Once you have added the images to your photo grid, click on the blue Save option located on the top right corner
  • Click the Preview option to make sure the website is looking the way you want it to look. You can edit the grid and change the order of the photos at any point
  • Optional: You can add a caption to help explain the artwork


There are a few different ways to create a Glideshow. For an easy to use experience for the viewer, I recommend using the steps below (adding only one large image and a few small photos and text).

  • Click on the + icon and select Glideshow
  • Add a photo that you want to appear large and in the background
  • Press the blue Save button located on the top right corner
  • To add text OR more images to the glideshow, click on the + sign that appears in the box on the left

Split Layout

A split layout is where you can add a photo and text side-by-side

  • Click on the + icon and select Split Layout
  • Upload a photo
  • Click the + icon and select Text

Sharing the Link

  • Locate the Share option on the top center bar and select Publish and Share Link
  • You can share the link directly to google classroom 🙂