Weave Silk


For this assignment, you will create five different WeaveSilk projects

  • Go to www.weavesilk.com
  • To get started, click on the screen
  • Locate the menu bar on the top left corner. Click on the circle icon for the controls.

Selecting Color!

  • You can click on a color ORRRR you can click and drag colors to mix them

Once you have your color selected, you can start clicking and dragging the mouse over the page. Each time you want a different color, you can click the color palette to sample.

Rotational Symmetry

Experiment with the symmetry points! The higher the number, the more points will run on the program

Mirror Across Center and Spiral Towards Center

These are fun features that you can turn on and off

Saving and Sharing Your Files

  • Please read carefully!
  • To save your file, click on ‘Share’ located on the top left of the screen and highlight the url
  • Go to Edit—>Copy
  • Go to Google Classroom and paste the link. You can do this in the comment section of your assignment OR you can attach the link
  • You can also attach a screenshot of your design