Layers Project

Photoshop Silhouette and Gradient Project (1)

  • Open this image in photoshop:
  • ellen
  • Go to Image—>Adjust—>Threshold
  • image-adjust-threshold
  • Slide the bar until the inside of the image is black and all you see is the silhouette
  • threshold
  • Press OK
  • Double click the background layer in the layers panel
  • rename layer
  • Click Ok
  • Select the Magic Wand tool (W)
  • magic wand tool
  • Make sure the panel has these settings
  • magic wand panel
  • Click on the New Layer icon on the bottom of the Layers palette to create a new Layer
  • Click and hold the layer name and drag it below the previous layer
  • layer order2     layer order1
  • Make sure Layer 1 is highlighted and select the Gradient Tool (G).  It might be hidden behind the Paint bucket Tool.
  • gradient tool
  • Make sure the Foreground Color is white and double-click the background color and set it to a light orange (This sets the colors for the gradient)
  • white:orange
  • Click and hold on the top middle of the image and drag (while holding the shift key to keep it in proportion) about a fourth from the bottom
  • gradient tool line
  • silhouette
  • If you still have areas inside the silhouette showing up as color or white, use your the Brush Tool (B) to paint it in (make sure you do this on the correct layer)
  • Go to File—>Save
  • Then go to Layers—>Flatten Image
  • File—>Save As—>Change format to JPEG
  • It’s really important to save your project with the layers visible BEFORE you flatten them
  • Upload your project to your blog and write a description when you are finished.

Silhouette and Gradient Project (2)

For this project, you will create a silhouette with a sunset in Photoshop.  You must have a minimum of five different photos.  Ideas: a bird flying in the sky, mountains in the background, cars driving, etc.  All images must be completely black and the sunset must be done as a gradient.  Please do not use an image that is already black and white, doing so completely defeats the purpose of this project (as well as in image that already has an all white background).  You will be creating the sunset so there will be no need to find a sunset background.  Make sure you save two files, one with all layers visible and one with the layers flattened (this should be a JPEG).  Upload your the JPEG file to your blog and write a description when you are finished.  Include all the originals on your Photoshop page.