Media Crew

This is an advanced level course. In order to be enrolled in this course, you must have taken at least one of the following courses: Digital Imaging I, Digital Imaging II, AP Photography, AP Design, or a portfolio review with me. If you have not met the proper prerequisites, please let me know asap. 


Materials- Digital Camera (dslr preferred), SD Cards


Summer Assignments

Top Twenty Images- Due on the first day of class

Narrow your art work down to your strongest 20 images (graphic design pieces, photography pieces, or a combination of the two). Upload these images to the drive.

Artist Bio- Due on the first  day of class

Create an artist bio that describes your graphic design/photography experience. We will use this content on your website. You will be creating the website during the first week of school.

Pinterest Boards- 10 pins for each board. This will be due on the first day of class

  • Poster Design
  • Color Palettes
  • Background Patterns
  • Fonts
  • Portrait Photography
  • Theater Photography
  • Sports Photography/Athlete Photography
  • Personal Choice- pin anything that inspires you to this board

Fonts- Due on Friday, September 8th

Download free fonts that you like! Here are two links to fantastic sites:


I am taking a group of junior and senior Lane Tech art students to Iceland in May 2018. If you are interested in going on the trip, reach out to me! I will send you the info.

Have a wonderful summer!