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Part One- Zentangle Grid


You may use the worksheet on google classroom, or you can draw your own grid of 9 tiles. Use the images and links below for inspiration! 


Make sure to look at the links at the top of the page for inspiration!


Student Examples- Zentangle Grid

Part Two- Zentangle Design

For part two of the zentangle project, we are going to fill up the page with zentangle designs!


Student Examples


There are a lot of options for this project. You can fill the entire page with organic designs and have patterns flow into one another. You can use a silhouette and fill it with patterns. It’s up to you!

I created a folder on the drive filled with a bunch of the alphabet stencils that you may use. Letters are an easy place to start BUT you do not have to use a letter. You can use an animal silhouette, things found in nature (flowers, plants, trees…), musical instruments, fruits, cars, sports equipment (or a silhouette of a player), the options are endless!

If you don’t want to use a silhouette and would rather your design happen organically, that would work too! I want you to create the type of work that you’re proud of 🙂

Your zentangle design should be filled with intricate patterns.  I would love it if you use at least three of the nine grid designs you created. 

Please check google classroom for the rubric.

We will be doing daily photo check-ins to monitor your progress. I strongly recommend using a scanner or downloading a free mobile scanner apps. This site has great recommendations: https://pdf.wondershare.com/mobile-app/free-pdf-scanner-app.html