Looking Up- Low Angle Photography

‘Looking Up- Low Angle Photography’ Angle the camera up and see how that perspective can impact the way you create your compositions. You can put the camera on the floor looking up as well. Changing your camera angle can create dramatic photographs.




Great description and video on low angle photography


Get Low and Aim High

Get Low and Aim High – How to Use Low-Angle Photography to Great Effect


Low angle photography tips

‘Shooting from a low angle is one the easiest ways to create unique and powerful compositions. It provides a different perspective on the world and makes your shots more interesting. It also allows you to overcome some tricky photography problems such as distracting backgrounds and not being able to fit everything in the frame. In this article you’ll discover 10 great tips for getting amazing low angle shots with your iPhone.’


Eric Kim Photography (great sight for inspiration and tips)

AMAZING Examples From 29 Photographers

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