Found Object Color Palette

For this project, we are going to create a color palette using everyday objects


To receive full credit, make sure to follow all of the guidelines. Click here for the presentation: Object Color Wheel Photography

  • Use a minimum of 15 objects (try to find 30+)
  • Take at least 3 photos of your object color palette creation
  • One photo MUST be from above (birds eye view)
  • Two photos can be from different angles
  • Try not to exclusively use just one object. For example, instead of only using crayons, try to add other objects into the mix
  • There should be a transition of colors/shades (view the slideshow for visuals)


  • Pay attention to the background and try to photograph on a solid backdrop
  • Find a well lit area to take the photo and try to avoid harsh shadows (if you are able to, try to utilize natural light)


Student Examples



Check out this photographer:

This photographer is also really great:

Ok Go Stop Motion Video: