Creating a Logo in Adobe Spark

Getting Started

  • Open Spark
  • Click on Brands on the left sidebar
  • Under the LOGO box, it says No logo? Skip this step in blue. Click on the blue words
  • Next, click on Try our logo maker
  • A box will pop up where you can enter some information about the logo you want to create
  • Once you type in the info, press the blue Next button

Generating the Template

  • Select a style that best represents the look you are going for
  • Next, you’ll be prompted to search for an icon
  • Next, scroll through the templates until you find one you like
  • Click on the Customize more option

Altering the Template

  • In order to make your logo unique, try to make some changes (color or font or size…..)

Adding Your Brand

  • Once you have finished your logo design, download the file
  • Select the Add your brands blue button
  • It’ll take you back to the beginning
  • Upload your file
  • Click on Pick Your Color
  • You can use the colors in your logo or you can pick a completely different color- it’s up to you! I chose to match my logo for this project (I just really love that shade of blue)
  • Next, click on Font
  • Choose a font that you like. My go-to font lately has been Raleway (you can choose any font that matches your style).