Alphabet Photography

Alphabet Photography0Part One! (Scroll down for Part Two)

Your assignment is to photograph objects that look like letters in the alphabet.

You will need to have one final photo for each letter. You may not use a literal representation (i.e. a written letter or objects intentionally arranged to form the letter). This is going to be a challenge trying to find all the letters. As you take the photo, think about what you are including in the frame. You can rotate the photos so they look like the letter.

Be mindful of zooming into a photo. When you zoom in a lot, the photo may become grainy and/or blurry. You will be graded on clarity of the letters and the quality of the photographs.

The letters may be lowercase or uppercase. Prior to turning in the photos, you will need to rename the files to correlate with the letter that they are representing. For example, if your photograph of the letter Z has a file name is IMG_001, you will need to rename the file to Z.

Your photos will be due on Tuesday, September 22nd


Student Examples

Alphabet Photography Part 2!

For this portion, you will be using your photos from Round 1 and creating a word using Adobe Spark.

You will need to create one word that has at least 5 different letters. Feel free to create multiple words with as many letters as you want 🙂

Getting Started

  • Open Spark and select Custom Size (it’s the last size option on the right)
  • Click on Standard and then Banner

Adding Photos

  • Click on the Add option on the top right and select Photo
  • Once you selected the file, the box below should pop up. Click on Move Freely
  • Since I know that the word I am using will start with a D, I moved it over to the left side of the page
  • I repeated the process to add another photo
  • Next, I resized the E so it lines up with the D
  • I added my third letter
  • I noticed that I was running out of room on my page. Watch the video below to see how I resized the letters

Cropping Letters

It’s super important that each letter can stand on its own. Sometimes there can be distracting parts in the background of each letter. Watch the video below to see how to crop a photo

Download and Then Upload 🙂

  • Once you’ve created a word with a minimum of 5 letters, download the file as a png, jpg, or pdf
  • Upload the file to Google Classroom