Day in the Life


The New York Times reached out to photographers across the country to capture what life is like for them during the pandemic. This article was published in April. Click on the link below to view work from INCREDIBLE photographers!

Lucia Buricelli

Click the link below to look at the work of Lucia Buricelli. She is an Italian photographer that documented the early days of the pandemic in March


Sarah Lee


Examples from previous years

Round One Due 9/17

By the end of the day on Thursday (9/17/20) please have at least two sets of photos uploaded to Google Classroom. We will be doing an activity with these photos during class on Thursday. Each set needs to be at least 5 photos. I’ve included examples a variety of shots for two sets. You do not have to use the examples below. These are ideas to help you get started.

Activity: Brushing Your Teeth (below are examples of five different shots for one set of photos)

  • Photo 1- Toothbrush without toothpaste
  • Photo 2- Toothbrush with a little toothpaste on it
  • Photo 3- Photo of the toothbrush going in the water
  • Photo 4- Different angle of toothbrush
  • Photo 5- Photo of just the toothpaste

Activity: Watching TV (below are examples of five different shots for another set of photos)

  • Photo 1- Photograph the entire room with the tv on (lights in the room are on)
  • Photo 2- Photograph the entire room with the tv on (lights in the room are off)
  • Photo 3- Take a photo of the remote only
  • Photo 4- Photograph people watching tv
  • Photo 5- Take a low angle shot of the tv

I recommend making a list of activities and moments that you want to capture. Think about the activity and how you can photograph it. Below are some examples to get you started!

  • What is the first thing you see when you wake up? Are there people or animals that you interact with each day? What does remote learning look like?
  • Classes, prepping food, eating, doing homework, taking photos :), brushing your teeth, exercising, playing video games, watching tv, cleaning, laundry, working, mode of transportation…

Round Two

For this second round of photos, you will need to turn in a minimum of 30 different photos that explore at least 7 different parts of your day. I know this sounds a little bit wordy but try to divide up the activities in groups of 4-5 photos. The 30 photos will be due by the end of the day on Tuesday, October 6th

Recap on the Day in the Life process:

  • Round One- 10 photos that depict two activities (this was due on 9/17)
  • Round Two- 30 photos that depict at least seven additional activities

Next Steps- Narrow down your 40 photos (combine rounds one and two) to identify the strongest 9 images that feature 9 different parts of your day. Click here for the grading rubric: Day in the Life Rubric

You will be using Adobe Spark to piece together your photos into one document. This will be a 100 point project that will go under the Summative category in Aspen. I will go over expectations and tutorials for this process next week