Photo Booth Tutorial

Importing your Photo Booth photos into iMovie

  • Open iMovie
  • Create a new project/movie
  • Open Photo Booth
  • Click on the first photo
  • Drag it to iMovie to the clip editing/viewing timeline screen on the bottom of the screen
  • You will repeat this process for all photos

Taking off Ken Burns Effect (removing the zooming)

  • Press ‘command a’ to select all of the photos
  • Click on the cropping icon
  • Click on ‘Fit’
  • Click on the icon ‘i’
  • Change the duration to .1s or .2s  and check ‘Applies to all stills’ or make sure all stills are selected
  • Go to File—>Share—>File
  • Press Save
  • Upload to the google classroom assignment

Do not use text in the video!  ALSO- triple check that the photos are not zooming in and out. If they are, follow the steps in red!