Diptychs- Digital Photo

Photo assignment for 10/2-10/6: Photograph Lane Tech in a way that’s never been done before. What makes our school the way it is? What are the little and big things that contribute to the school atmosphere? Is it the students? The staff? The athletics? The clubs? Your friends? The classes? Photograph in a way that forces the viewer to see it the way you do.

Photos take on a new meaning when they are placed next to another. Juxtaposing one or more photos together can create a storyline. You will be using the photos of Lane to create diptychs and triptychs. Below are examples of how different images create different narratives.

Photographic Stories- Due Friday, October 6th

Every photo tells a story. For this portion of the project, you are going to make up your own. Find a photo online. This can be a photo you are familiar with or one that you’ve never seen before. Write a paragraph of your interpretation of it. This needs to be pure fiction. You are literally making up a story on what you are seeing.


Creating a Diptych

  • Open one of your spirit day/pep rally photos and place (or copy and paste) the second one on there
  • Go to Image—>Canvas Size
  • Double the width but keep the height the same
  • Make sure to click the top left corner of the arrows (you do not need to match the dimensions in the image below, just make sure the ‘relative’ box is unchecked and the circle for the anchor is in the top left)
  • Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 9.24.24 AM
  • Use your Move Tool (v) to move the other photo
  • Use adjustment layers to edit the photos if they need it
  • Save as a .psd
  • Go to Layer—>Flatten Image
  • File—>Save As
  • Rename the file and upload the jpg version to the Quarter 1 page on your blog

*****Make sure the photos are the same height!*****