Flash vs No Flash

Lighting plays a huge role in photography….it’s actually the basis of photography. Images appear totally different when you use the light available verses flash photography. Your assignment is to take multiple photographs of the items listed below. You will need to take a photo without your flash and with your flash from the same angle. You should take multiple photos of the same subject from different angles as well (always photograph the same thing twice, once with flash and once without). A large portion of your grade will also be on the composition of each photograph. Remember the rule of thirds….pay attention to every detail you are including in the frame…play around with perspective…don’t shoot everything at your own height

Keep in mind that most ‘in camera’ flashes only have a distance of 2 feet

Things to photograph

  • Water
  • Mirror
  • Glass (not a mirror)
  • Food
  • Low light (i.e. a dark room)
  • Window light (the window does not have to be in the photo)
  • Portrait (make sure to get their face)
  • Something that is in direct sunlight
  • Something that is backlight (the light source is behind the subject)



Rename Files in Bridge

  • Open your files in Bridge
  • Right click on one of the images (if you can’t right click, press the control key while you click on the image
  • Click on ‘Rename’
  • Rename the file according to the item you photographed. For example, the water photos will be renamed Water1Flash Water1NoFlash Water2Flash Water2NoFlash
  • Once all the files are renamed, create a contact sheet in Photoshop
  • Save the Photoshop file as a png or jpg
  • Create a new page named ‘Contact Sheets’
  • Make it fall under the Gallery page
  • You will use this page to upload contact sheets for future projects