Dia de los Muertos Posters

For this project, you will be creating a poster depicting Dia de los Muertos.  Look at the examples above for inspiration as well as searching Pinterest.  Click on this link for incredible posters. The majority of the project must be done in Illustrator.

  • Create a sketch for the poster (this is not for a grade)
  • What is your color palette? Most Day of the Dead posters are vibrant)
  • What text will be on there? You must incorporate text in your poster
  • Think of placement for the text as well as font choice. Is the text suppose to be more prominent than the image?
  • Think of the imagery that best represents dia de los muertos
  • Elements of a great poster design contain balance and color
  • What is the main focus of the poster? The main focus should not be in the center
  • Look up poster design layouts (pinterest has a bunch of really good ones)
  • Have a lot of detail (use of zentangles would be great)
  • Do not leave the background white
  • You may scan in a drawing/sketch
  • This does not have to all be done in Illustrator, you may use photographs in your poster design


Look at the AMAZING artwork below that students have created over the past two years

Below is a link to my Pinterest